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If We lose Tarrant,

We lose Texas!

Under my opponent’s leadership, Tarrant County turned Biden Blue in 2020 for the first time since 1964.


  • I will be a fierce fighter for you and for election integrity! The current GOP Chairman of the Republican Party in Tarrant County has denied that election integrity issues even exist.

  • I am not an establishment insider. I am a strong, hard-working leader, who will not bow down to enemies of the constitution.

  • I will be a full-time, hands-on servant leader. I will be accessible and involved.

  • I will bring back disenfranchised volunteers and activists by giving them the respect, honesty, and voice that they deserve.

  • We cannot let Tarrant County continue to fall into liberal hands. I will work to stop the socialist agenda that is sweeping Tarrant County and destroying our core patriot values.

  • I am not running against my opponent. I am running for the people of Tarrant County.

Together we can make Tarrant RED again!


Republican Primary - Tuesday March 1st, 2022

For Tarrant County Republican Party Chair

Jeff Marshall for GOP Chair

A donation as small as $5 or $10 will help us preserve Texas for our children and grandchildren.

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